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MA Sports marketing and rugby CLUB BET
proudly present

We now hit all sports betting with one partner… BETFRED.

Hi and welcome to the site to all sports betting fans.
Initially we worked with serious punters alone, from Rugby League, Rugby Union,
and Rugby Club syndicates. We are now expanding our market.

We are also consolidating who we work with to ensure quality delivery.

Feedback from the industry and our own experience is that there is one bookmaker that over the years has stood out so much that we are dedicating to them alone:


Betfred and Fred Done Support of Rugby

The support of this Manchester based Bookmaker for the Northern Rugby League Clubs is also a significant plus point that is sure to gain support from that community.

As MA Sports Marketing we are well known in RU and RL for improving club websites in terms of their info displays, and their interaction with fans.

The huge section of gambling interested punters making decisions from our information was clear, and we always hoped our non-profit approach to amateur & cash poor clubs would warrant their support of our website link.

Should you stem from a rugby background, this is clearly a successful referral, and rest assured we still have that covered:- be your interest in points, spread, handicaps and match betting – we include our best suggestion for you:


Many will be visiting with interest in other sports, and most rugby referrals don’t stick to just rugby, again, the best bookmaker to join in our opinion is BETFRED!

It is not simply that they are the best selection to cover enough rugby, and enough other sports – they have been the most popular for all areas.

The one bookmaker that we feel has serviced all needs, has been the most reliable, with the best account opening offers, market coverage and in-play betting….BETFRED.